Monday, September 1, 2014

I love that song!

So, here we go again, another Blog, another post. For the three of you that regularly read Food for Thought, it's not dead, I just can't bring myself to write the social commentary right now. Ferguson, Syria, state of affairs in Washington. So much to say, and everyone's already saying something. I'm sick of hearing about it, honestly. So I figured, I'd blog about what I use to escape from all that crap.. As much of a news junkie I may be, I can stop watching, reading whatever (really I can) whenever I want. Music, however is something I can never escape from.

Music is a part of me. I have bass lines in my veins and lyrics in my bones. My biggest heroes are musicians and songwriters (Sorry King David). If you want me to memorize something, put it in a song. I still remember songs I sang in music class in third grade. (Ever heard about SeƱor Don Gato? Google it.)

Because of my love of music, I'm always looking for my new favorite. I have a new favorite song, band artist every week. And every week or month, or year, depending how much I like them, I play their songs to death. Christine Kane, Dire Straits, Alison Krauss, Forest Sun.. The list is endless. All artists who have ridden shotgun as favorites. Then there are the few that make the permanent list. Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Michael Franks, David Sanborn, and of course the great Ryan Montbleau Band. I found them completely by accident about 6 years ago, but they quickly moved into the favorite spot.

Which brings me to the blog. Whenever I can, I share my new favorite artists, songs whatever with the people around me. So here it is. Every week or so, I'll try to share my favorite song with you, should I find one. I'm also on a constant hunt for covers. A reinterpretation of a song that I know and love or even better a song I hate that now sounds fantastic.

So, without further ado, Here it is.


I don't know why I haven't heard of these guys (and gal) before now, but better late than never right? Both familiar, and new at the same time. sound is just infectious to me. Simply written, and easy to follow the magic is in performance. The lead singer said himself anyone with a basic understanding of guitar playing could play his songs. But playing and performing are two different things entirely.

Wesley Keith Schultz the lead singer has a voice that channels Bob Dylan. While not suited to a Nat 'King' Cole style ballad, as a folk singer, his voice fits the song like a finely tailored suit.The Lumineers are a folk rock band, based in Denver, Colorado. The two founding members and songwriters of the Lumineers are Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion). Schultz and Jerimiah Fraites began writing and performing together in New Jersey in 2005 after the death of a loved one. Neyla Pekarek joined the band in 2010. Ben Wahamaki and Stelth Ulvang joined the band as full-time members in 2012.

At first 'Dead Sea' sounds ordinary, run of the mill. But it's catchy. I found myself singing it for hours after stumbling across the video on youtube last week. By the end of the week, I'd sought out as much Lumineers stuff as I could find, 'cause that's what I do. The words are simple, and yet full of double meaning and entendre. The I always get a kick out of watching artists who love performing, as these guys (and gal) clearly do. If you like folk rock, or 'Americana' music, I think you'll like the Lumineers

This was recorded in the Bing Lounge for the "KINK Sessions" I have no idea who D. Vincent Williams is, and quite honestly I don't care. The focus here is on his band, and that's clearly for the good. It takes a big set of cajones to cover Stevie Wonder. The Cold Wet Chili Peppers recorded a horrendous version of Stevie's masterpiece "Higher Ground" that makes me want to squash Flea like a bug. But 'Shades' doesn't try to imitate Stevie. He also doesn't try to re-write the song. He takes a really REALLY great song, and knocks it out of the park. At the beginning of the video Williams says That Brown played bass with Curtis Mayfield, which explains a lot. You don't get chops like that backing up Pat Boone.

This is a link to a YouTube search, where you'll find fantastic live music.  It's how I found the two tracks above. Check it out, you can thank me later.

This Is a link to my profile. I always want to hear what others are listening to, If you use Last.FM let me know! You can see my top tracks below

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